Wardrobes and Markets — NFTees Website Launch

3 min readSep 8, 2021


If you visited www.officialnftees.com prior to today, you saw the very first iteration of our project! While we love reflecting on our beginnings, we are excited to deliver what will be the start of a full UI/UX overhaul with our website Re-launch!

Website pages are below:

Tees Home

This is where you can find out who we are and what we do. No spoilers here, so make sure you check it out.


NFT collectors and enthusiasts are always monitoring sales and floor prices to understand which NFTs present value and opportunity. With our “Markets” functionality, we’ve made it easy for collectors to see NFTees that are currently for sale on the primary market and secondary market. You can search all “for sale” Tees or filter by collection.

If you find a Tee you’re interested in buying, you can simply click on the link below the image, and you can buy the Tee through connecting your web3 wallet. Currently, all sales occur on Pet.ZooCoin.Cash, however, we will be integrating our website with the Artion.io Fantom NFT Marketplace upon launch (expected Mid-September).

Pet.Zoocoin link will take you to the URL where you can purchase the NFTee, whether on the primary or secondary market.


Tees is thrilled to announce the first iteration of Wardrobes. Below is the wardrobes landing page, where you can see the NFTee wardrobes of all holders (ranked from most Tees to least).

You can either click on a wallet address or use the search functionality to find any active NFTee holder address. Once you’ve selected one, you can search through their NFTee wardrobe overall or by collection. UI/UX upgrades will be revealed in the near future to provide a more personalized experience to holders and wardrobe viewers.

Wardrobe example wallet in mobile view.

How it Works

Each NFTee we sell comes with a redeemable physical replica t-shirt. This page explains the process for redeeming your physical t-shirt.

Please jump in our discord and ask any questions you might have about the website or future plans for our project!

Any website feedback or bug reporting can be shared here:

We hope you all enjoy the website! Be on the lookout for new features and Tees dropping weekly!

$FTM $TEES #FantomFamily