Tomb Finance NFTee Design Contest

2 min readJul 31, 2021


In early July, OfficialNFTees asked the community which should be next up for a $TEES Series, and the $TOMB Raiders took the post by storm, showing incredible enthusiasm for the project:

As a result, NFTees created the first two #TombTees shown below, paying homage to the classic Tomb Finance logo:

NFTees Tomb Tees 1 and 2

As we began brainstorming the remaining NFTees for the series, we were inspired by the creativity of the Tomb community itself. As a result, we are offering the chance for one Tomb and Tees supporter to have their own design featured on an Official NFTee that will be placed on sale on our ZooCoin marketplace (click link below for our collection):

NFTees must meet the following criteria to be eligible for selection:

  • Must feature Tomb-inspired art
  • Must utilize the NFTees “Tee Template” provided at the end of the article
  • Submit your banner to our #general-chat channel on our discord by 10pm UTC -5 on August 6th. LINK: and become a member of the discord
  • Share our Twitter post announcing the project, and also share your submission using the following: $TEES $TOMB $FTM #TombTees #FantomFamily
  • Follow OfficialNFTees on Medium to stay up to date

We are looking for designs that capture both the clean, classic NFTee design while creatively highlighting Tomb. 8-bit style is encouraged, while not required. Winner will have their Tee minted in the NFTees collection (and receive a portion of the proceeds from sale), as well as $200 in $TOMB!

We are incredibly excited to partner with a member of the #FantomFamily, and can’t wait to see all of the amazing designs the Tomb Raiders come up with! Good luck!!

$TEES $TOMB $FTM #TombTees #FantomFamily

Blank NFTees template to be used in the contest.