NFTees CommuniTee Collection

4 min readMar 27, 2022



ComuniTee Collection:

Since inception, NFTees has seen growing traction in the digital fashion space, selling out of all listed Tees to date. With the growing visibility and floor price of our genesis “Royal Tees” collection, there has been limited access for users to get their hands on our one of a kind Tees. This begged the questions: “How can we get Tees in the hands of everyone in our community?” and “How can we lower the barrier of entry while retaining the value of Royal Tees?” The answer to these questions is this: The Tees CommuniTee Collection…

What is the CommuniTee Collection (TEESCC):

The CommuniTee Collection is an ode to some of the original pixel art creators of the Fantom network. In a nutshell, community Partner Artist provided a representative design, and the artwork will be displayed on an NFTee which can be minted on drop day. You have the power to bring your NFTees to life both on the blockchain and on your physical apparel while supporting community creativity and design.

The TEESCC is a collection that offers the community at large an NFTee at an accessible mint price as we expand into new mediums. We stuck to our nostalgic NFTee outline and added interest with a generative array of rarities, offering 1/1 NFTees for holders that enjoy showing off their individuality. We partnered with 18+ pixel artists and protocols to bring the community something that is collective, but also one of a kind in the space. OfficialNFTees wanted to bring artist inspiration and creativity to light with this collection.


This collection allows you full access into the future of Tees while holding pieces that grow in nostalgia and history as we move forward as a brand. Here are the highlights:

  • Access Pass — CommuniTees will be your access pass into the next phase of our growth as a digital fashion brand: Streetwear. These NFTs will act as your spot on the whitelist on our first set of drops. We anticipate an active secondary market for these Tees not only for their intrinsic value but also as different upcoming collection drops appeal to different parts of the community.
  • Physicals — CommuniTees will allow you to purchase a physical White Tee version of your Tee — the character on the front will be printed in the exact coloring as on the NFTee, but on our White Tee physical. This will create small sub-collections of character tees of each color, which will allow fans of each pixel artist to congregate around their favorite designs. Offering White Tees also protects the uniqueness and novelty of Royal Tees Replicas. A physical ComuniTee is redeemable each time the Tee is transferred, but the holder of the Tee must be holding it in their web3 wallet to place the order. If you never sell, you will be the only holder of that ComuniTee in NFT form AND Physical form ever. However, since these Tees will act as the access pass to our first streetwear fashion series, we aim to increase their value with each new drop. We have always looked for ways to thank and share with holders of all of our collections, and that will continue to be our focus as we move forward into future endeavors.
  • Royal Tees Holders Utility (NOT THIS COLLECTION) — The CommuniTee collection will earn 7.5% royaltees on Paintswap and NFTKey. Royal Tees holders will share 2/3 (5%), and OfficialNFTees will share 1/3 (2.5%).

How to Mint Yours:

Mint your NFTee on drop day on Barring any extreme price action on 3/30 or 3/31, the whitelist price will be 40 FTM, and the public sale price, beginning on 4/1, will be 60 FTM. We will then enter a trading period so the Tees can settle in the marketplace. Take some time — pick up the Tees you want the most, and prepare to start your digital fashion wardrobe!

Following the trading period (~8 weeks), ComuniTees holders will be able to order their physical Tees through a secure mint-style order form on the website using their web3 wallet and paying in $FTM.

If you have questions at any point please reach out to one of our discord moderators or other team members. Stay swaggy — we hope you enjoy your Tees!

Discord Link:


How big is the collection? 1,212 NFTees, all 1/1.

When is mint? Whitelist Mint is 3/31 at 9:45pm UTC. Mint party starts at 9pm UTC. Public mint is 4/1.

Who is Whitelisted? If you hold an NFT from any of our Partner Artists, you should be on the whitelist.

How much is it? 40 FTM for WL, 60 FTM for Public.

What can you tell us about rarities? Attributes are grouped into Themes that will be immediately recognizable to Fantom ecosystem community members. The themes determined the individual color palette from which the generator drew colors for each element of the NFT. More detailed information will be shared once the mint is completed.

What about physicals? Physical Tees will be in White Tee form (See “Physicals above”). Depending on market conditions at the time of redemption (following the ~8 week trading period), the anticipated target price for physical Tees will be $40–50 USD. Partner artists will receive all profit from sales of these tees, so you can feel confident supporting these artists who have played such an integral part of this collection!

Are there royalties? The contract will earn 7.5% royalties on both Paintswap and NFTKey. Royal Tees holders will share 2/3 (5%) of this, and the OfficialNFTees will share 1/3 (2.5%).