HyperJump + NFTees — Twitter Banner Design Contest

2 min readJun 17, 2021

In early June, OfficialNFTees asked the #FantomFamily to vote on the next $TEES series, and HyperJump was the clear winner with over 60% of the vote!

As a result, we are creating a new series of HyperJump NFTees! To celebrate the drop, $TEES and $HYPR are hosting a short, three-day Twitter Banner Contest and #HyperTees giveaway!

Banners must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Must feature OfficialNFTees and HyperJump-inspired art
  • 1500(w) x 500(h) pixels
  • Submit your banner to our #hyper-tees channel on our discord by 10pm UTC -5 on June 20th. LINK: https://discord.gg/rcYaM7zg

Winner will receive $250 USD in $AURORA and will have their banner featured on the @OfficialNFTees Twitter page!

In addition, all community members (even if you do not submit a banner) will be eligible to receive $250 USD in $FTM or $ORI by simply following the instructions in the twitter post here: bit.ly/35vhVqt. One entry is given for a like and retweet with hashtag #HyperTees, and you must be following @OfficialNFTees to be eligible. An additional entry is given for EACH NEW PERSON you tag who follows @OfficialNFTees and likes and retweets the contest/giveaway tweet with hashtag #HyperTees.

We are really excited for our new HyperSwap TEES and can’t wait to see the banners you all come up with!