Fantom Family Rules

3 min readJul 10, 2021

Ok, this title is a bit misleading! This article is not some set of “rules” that we believe everyone interacting on Fantom should follow or cult-like mantras that must be recited to join the #FantomFamily, but rather a series of observations we at

have made since launching our first NFTee line on Fantom in early March, 2021. We have quickly fallen in love with the Fantom ecosystem. The five observations, or “rules” below are just some of what makes this ecosystem special for new builders, big players and dreamers alike.

JMONEY of OfficialNFTees repping FantomPunks #FantomPunkFlex
JMONEY of OfficialNFTees repping FantomPunks #FantomPunkFlex
  1. The Community Believes in Fantom — Most people who experience Fantom for the first time are blown away by the near-instant transaction time and low fees that the Blockchain provides. The confidence, belief and excitement about the technology is fundamental to the shared experience of the community. After all, we wouldn’t be here without all of the amazing work of the . The confidence in the core development team trickles down to all who have ever donned the #BuildOnOpera hashtag (or the earlier #BuildOnFantom iteration). The support of the Fantom Foundation has been pivotal to the major DEXs and other projects bringing liquidity to the blockchain, and this has trickled down to all users.
  2. It’s not Competition, it’s Collaboration — One of the first things that struck me about Fantom was the willingness of projects to collaborate and promote one another. We’ve never seen a better example of “making the pie bigger for everyone” play out in the competitive world of crypto and finance in the way it is in Fantom. This is even true of larger projects promoting smaller projects. There is something truly impactful about when you have nothing of great value to offer someone, and they choose to help you achieve your goals anyway. This is a daily occurrence on Fantom. We promote each other’s successes. Anyone’s success is everyone’s success.
  3. Strength in Diversity — Fantom is a global community. There are projects being built by developers located around the world, and the userbase is global. One of the key attributes of high-performing teams (as confirmed by countless studies) is diversity in thought and background. With many project teams including members from around the world, it’s no mystery why Fantom is growing and being built upon at an incredible rate.
  4. We Take Family Votes — The word “votes” takes on all shapes and sizes here — from Twitter and Discord Polls to official governance votes. Whether it’s voting for new Liquidity Pools, naming the mascot or deciding the next series, projects on Fantom engage their communities to determine direction, features, and design. Fantom projects are among the most inclusive with their communities.
  5. Follow Ok, so this is as close to a real rule as it gets. ’ self-proclaimed purpose is, “To support those who choose to build within the Fantom ecosystem,” and that is exactly what they do. If you want to know what’s up next on Fantom, who is making waves, dropping new features or NFTs, follow them. You won’t want to miss out.

Consistent with rule #4, we want to open up this post to anyone who wants to share their rules. This isn’t a giveaway post — there is no reward for participating other than helping contribute to something we can hopefully all be proud of. We’ll collect #FantomFamily rules over the month of July and put new ones up for a vote to be added to the list.

Fantom won’t be or feel this small forever, but those of us who are here now will always remember Fantom when it felt more like a secondary school classroom than a university lecture hall. Heraclitus said, “The only constant is change,” and we know what this change means for Fantom. A project this effective, supported by such a strong base of contributors and community members is bound to be at the top of the list of largest blockchains with the biggest reach before too long.

This article will also be accompanied by a weekly Twitter series, where we call out one of the rules above and share examples of how we see them playing out on Fantom. Please feel free to share this article, retweet, and share examples when you see these rules in your daily interactions with the Fantom Family. Use #FantomFamily and #FantonFamilyRules.

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