7 Days 7 Tees FTM Community Event

3 min readSep 1, 2021


If you’re reading this, you probably know that the recent announcements from the Fantom Foundation (below) have created a HUGE lift in the $FTM price, number of transactions, TVL, and all around energy surrounding Fantom!


The Fantom community prides itself in the family feel that exists on this blockchain. Refer to our article #FantomFamilyRules for a bit more about what we mean here! As the recent excitement around Fantom has brought many new users to the blockchain, $TEES has decided to host a community event in our discord for the next 7 days to welcome newcomers, long-time members of the #FantomFamily and Fantom influencers alike!

7 Days 7 Tees Event Details

  • Tees will be giving away 7 Tees (6 Merch Tees and 1 TBD NFTee valued ~$2–5k USD). See image below for further details of “Merch Tees” vs “NFTees”.
  • Tees will be welcoming influential Fantomites from across the FTM ecosystem to jump in and contribute throughout the week. Don’t miss out on hanging with these people!
  • Tees will be making a series of big announcements regarding new product launches and features. We cannot wait to share these with the community!
  • There are numerous ways to win a Tee or NFTee this week! See “Ways to Win a Tee” below.

Ways to Win a Tee:

  • 1 Tee — given to one Fantomite among those who retweet our twitter post highlighting the event — must be following NFTees, join our discord and participate in at least one of the below: TWEET LINK
  • 2 Tees — given to two Fantomites who actively participate in our discord throughout the week
  • 1 Tee — given to one Fantomite from among those who boost our discord during the week
  • 1 Tee — given to the Fantomite who asks the best questions/question in our AMA hosted during the week
  • 1 Tees — given to one of the first 100 Fantomites who join (or who have already joined) and share some thoughts or ask a question re: Fantom, NFTs, or Tees
  • 1 NFTee — given to the Fantomite who contributes the most to the event throughout the week (as decided by the Tees Team)

The event kicks off 9/1 at 12pm EST and ends 9/8 at 12pm. Please be sure to join early and be welcomed into this amazing community. We look forward to talking with old friends and making new ones! See you soon!

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